The Joy Animals Give.

The most joy i have ever had as been working with animals it is so rewarding. A few years ago i was looking for a palamino pony for my children and ventured quite a long way from home to find a farm advertizing a palamino mare. I found her with pigs in a stye up to her knees in muck, when i was allowed to take her out of the stye she was over weight and plodded along, her feet were well over grown. They were asking a lot for this brood mare far too much, i went home telling them i would concider it with no intention of going back.

That night i could not sleep thinking about her and the existance she had and she was so gentle a soul.  I got up early and said to my hubby come on lets get the horse trailer back on the car we are going to fetch her, “I knew you would” said my hubby knowing how i hate animal cruelty.

We arrived at the farm after an ordeal of road closing here and there, she still stood there in the pig stye filthy dirty.  I gave the farmer what he asked and we loaded her up into a bed of clean straw in the trailer and a net of hay, when we got home i loosed her into a paddock full of fresh green grass and she threw her head back and whinnied excitedly,i went in to her and she rubbed her muzzle in my hand and we were pals for life that is until one day we had to part sadly.

We got her hooves cut back and shod she had never been done before and didn’t make it easy but we did it.  Next was a hose pipe and soap to wash the muck from her and Wow! did she look stunning and worth every thing we spent on her, she was so gentle to the kids and we all loved her.


2 thoughts on “The Joy Animals Give.

    1. Yes i have always enjoyed helping animals it is so rewarding to see them turn out well and its all thanks to you, i suppose selfish satisfaction, they can not talk and so some one must help them. I could tell many similar stories having always had a passion for animals.XX

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