No Religion.

Some people who have no belief say “I don’t need anybody to tell me what is right or wrong, i know”.   What they mean is they are right, whatever they choose to be right, is right.

I knew a man once who thought that because it did not say any where, “Thou shalt not beat up your wife” it was 0k to do so.  He was very self righteous thinking smoking and choking everybody with his smoke was 0k but would announce to the world drinking alcohol was disgusting but if you left a glass of alcohol any where he would pick it up and drink it he just did not want to pay for it so pretended he was disgusted by it.  This is one example of making up your own rules.

A woman i know makes rubbish of everybody else, another non believer and she thinks everybody else is wrong and her own family are full of corruption but she thinks it is 0k because it is her family.

Some want to remove all religious Schools that most of the time do a better job of teaching children than most others do.  They say religion is being inflicted upon children and should have a choice, well where does any religion stop any child having a choice when they are old enough to decide what they want to do, they don’t.  And why do they want to destroy faith Schools  and make everybody a no hoper like themselves.

0k you do get people who fail to come up to scratch in ( Churches, mosks, synagogues,) some who should never be there, but most people who believe in god are people that believe in a better life for us all. Most believe in the guidance given by the holy one and try to do what is right.



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