Blog for life.

What does it mean to be a blogger?   If you make six months as a blogger you will probably be one for life, it is addictive, why we do it i will never know.

I started with the idea that i could get of my chest so to speak all that troubled me. I never started blogging with the idea of becoming a top blogger i knew i wouldn’t because i speak my mind, i am too open minded and i was writing for me basically not for other people, pleasing myself and writing unpopular things at times, ranting about stupid waste of time people and things.

I didn’t want to be paid to blog because i wanted to do what i wanted to do and not what anybody else expected of me.

I blogged before i learned to blog useing my blog like a writing pad to scribble stuff just about anything knowing that only those who understood would bother to answer me, i made one or two good friends who are still about today and had lots of visitor’s in the early days of blogging some thing like thirty a day and nearly two hundred people on my friends list.

Then problems began when the blog owners changed hands and people dropped away until there was hardly anybody left and i was pretty much writing for nobody else but myself followed by blog closure.

At first i was not going to ever blog again then a friend introduced me to wordpress and a new venture, at first i did join the community which i still visit now and then to learn about blogging and get to know people and collected up lots of awards which was lovely but i felt i was giving such a lot of time to that instead of blogging freely for myself and awards were filling up fast and leaving little space so i stopped accepting them. I continued in my wild and wonderful way the way an eccentric soul like me might.


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