What Shit Life.

Why is it that whatever happens it is always thought to be a womans fault. Women have children and rear them and if there is any abuse to be had it comes there way too but men walk away often paying nothing and pass onto another woman, and another, leaving kids all over the place they pay nothing for. If they get taken to court the court often see’s fit to let them pay nothing too.

Lucky is any woman who gets a guy who willingly pays for his kids and they should not complain. Very lucky is the woman who as a man who is prepared to act responsible.

0ften young people forget what there mothers have done for them as a single parant when they are older and chase after there father who as done sweet f–k all for them all there life.  He as never mopped up after them or provided for them and can show them the sweeter part of life and becomes there hero.  WHAT SHIT.


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