Two Faced.

Some times i think some people deliberately get the wrong end of the stick so to speak, you might say some thing to them and they seem to have got a completely different story than the one you told them.  Is it worth telling them anything?, one woman i know when you talk to her she appears interested but always adds some thing on to what you have said turning it into anything but the truth, i try to avoid her.

People! is it possible to ever understand them?, 0ne woman i got friends with always had to be right about everything and know every thing before i did, if she did not get the info before me she changed it just enough to put me in the wrong, she would twist things around to make every thing her idea too, i said some thing she took offense to correcting her on some thing once, she took of on one and now in front of me she sucks up to every body i know in front of me announcing that she doesn’t mind helping anybody, what bull—t  when i was ill before  she never asked me how i was, what a cow.



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