Funny Brrrrrrrrrrrr.

The first time i wrote a childrens story for amazon ebooks i made a few mistakes one way or another.  It as been a few years now and once again i put together what i thought of as a good story, i ran through it all, over and over, maybe too many times over.

I had the right file as requested but when on review it was not right atall.  So i changed the file to another and that did not come up right eaither, then i tried mobi it was an improvement and as it was not on a mobile but a large screen i decided it was pretty good.

My cover i designed myself and i loved it but amazon made changes to it i didnt like so i tried one of there designs and that seemed 0k even if it was not quite what i had in mind.

Why was i having all these problems i don’t remember having before.  I am independant and just love doing things for myself or i would have taken on help, then again who says it would have been straight forward if i had.

Finally it was accepted by amazon but i was disapointed in some of the spaces left and can not gather why they happen atall but its a good read and not long enough for a young person to get bored.  I enjoyed writing it and i hope to write a follow up to it.

As it is a story about 2,000 plus words, only short, i priced it at 99p. and guess what it came up as, 0h no you will never guess, £69.45.  in the childrens books.  How?, you tell me, i would like to know myself, what an embarrassment but is it an embarrassment to me or to amazon, on plan i put 99p and they noted it so where did £69.45 come from, 0h well at least it will give kids a good laugh.


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