Prepare to die.poem.

Be prepared for you will die, we all will die,

we don’t know how, or where, what time, what place,

but we will die.


We never really prepare ourself for

this occashion, we make plan’s for next day, next week,

next month, next year, but will those day’s come to

pass for us or just for others.


We live as though our life as

no end here on this earth, but it does end and we don’t know

when, how ever young or old we may be. If we were really

in control of our life this could not happen but we are not we

never really will be, we fool ourself.


We feel the pain of those

who leave us that we loved but life goes on the same without

them the world does not end and never will until the almighty

decided to end it and only he knows when that will be.


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