Who is following you.

This morning i went shopping i noticed some chap wearing glasses in the car behind me i thought no more about it, then when i parked up i saw the same car and chap had parked by me just a couple of car’s away having followed me in to the car park.  I still thought not much more about it after all there is no reason why he would not be shopping in the same place, but when i came out of the shops and approached my car he was sitting there watching me walk to my car. Not long after i left the car park he was behind me driving up the road, i lost him for a while then he was back behind me again.  Who the hell is it? and why is he following me? on the other hand i suppose there are weirdo’s with nothing else to do but follow people to see what they are doing and where they are going getting kicks out of knowing somebody elses bussiness.  No doubt if i were to ask him if he was following me he would say no. There is no reason for any one to have a private detective on me so its some weirdo and we probably all have one watching us some where.


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