Artistic Temprement.


When i was at School my teacher described me as having an artistic temprement what ever that mean’s and i thought nothing much about it until much later in life. I loved art at School but when my art was on display my father  was at work and my foster mother not interested so she never saw it.  To have success at anything we need those closest to us to be in support of us. As for that artist temprement i found myself turning almost anything i did in to art, poetry came easy, writing a story was the same.  Painting a picture also was easy and turning some thing that did not appear to work in the home i made work saving money often. I was thought of as eccentric by some because i had my own ideas about everything and i kept them close to my chest so to speak but when others discovered them they followed me and i followed nobody.  It was because i felt i had no support for what i did by any one close that i rarely shared any ideas with anybody.


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