0ld and Alone. poem


I wrote this with the thought of being old alone many old people just stare at the wall all day seeing nobody for days, at least for those who can use a computor we need never really be alone and out of touch but there are still many who can not use a computor who have lost touch with family have no friends and suffer dementia because they are losing touch due to lonliness. They ask little and can give a lot of pleasure when you listen to there stories of old. Give them a chance they gave you there best years they just ask a little of your time. You will be old one day.


Being 0ld and Alone.


My biggest fear is being alone having lost a family

and my home

the fear that no one will call and i am left to die alone

0ld and frail,

I stare through the window and wonder where

do the people go

what did they do right and i did wrong that they have some one

left to share with

why are they loved and not i?

another day gone and its time for bed i stare at the wall and wish

i was dead

the lonliness and emptyness is terminal, tomorrow will bring more


the fridge its bare i have to go out i have nothing to eat, my feet are soo

painful it is hard to walk but i must eat or get weak

I wipe the tears from my eyes put on my coat and shuffle outside, the air

is clean and fresh, some one smilles and says, “hello” with a smile, i arrive

home happy feeling like some one does really care.


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