Best Choice..


Theresa May the best choice for Great Britain she will make a confident strong leader who cares for the British people.


My Choice.

My choice for our next Prime Minister would be Theresa May i really think that she is very level headed and could deal with any thing that needed to be dealt with without distraction she is strong and competitive and would do the job well.

She may not be the most popular person in the world but when it comes down to running a country we want some one who can do the job, after all its not a popularity contest.

What is it about.

Each day we all muddle along very few of us have a life we rejoice in, some of us may have moments of success we revel in but without some one to share our success there is little lasting pleasure.

No one ever really knows what is going on in some one elses head, every thing looks so good to us at first glance but we don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors, and gossip is gossip it tells us little about the truth of any thing.

Some times those people that look the best of to us are the worse of, they live a lie making out they are some thing they are not, flaunting new cars, big houses, all the latest things we can not offord, then some thing drastic happens and they are all dead due to having no money atall but huge debts they can not pay and they can not face the shame of it or a reduction in life style or a prison sentence.

Then there are those decent honist folk who pay there way and have little money to spend on luxury life, they can not offord to go out and eat but they make the best of things.

Then there is the one who robs others without a care with no intention of working, house breaking and shop lifting until they end up spending a spell in jail where all there friends are and they don’t really want to leave.

All of these show that we all muddle through life any way we can, we slog most of the time and many people are not happy but they don’t think of suicide they accept the life they have and put up with it  because non of us know what is waiting on the other side.

0h What a Treat.poem

Another dreary cold damp day

no sunshine shines through that

grey sky this dreary day

can  not go outside to pass the day away,

counting pennies for to last the week

just enough money for the dog and me to eat

have a tin of soup for tomorrow then

we go hungry for a day or two

a couple of tea bags will use again

until there is money in the cash point again

our  only hope today is beg for money upon

the street, me and the dog we sit together hoping

some one will take pity on our souls,

tried to get a job but nobody wants some one

old and disabled, too old to qualify for any

kind of work, made a few bob this day

and tomorrow me and my dog can eat

some thing better than soup and drink from fresh

tea bags, “0h what a treat”.

Plodding along.

When we are depressed about life we ask ourselves, what for? about pretty much every thing we have to do that we don’t enjoy. We ask ourself why we get up in the morning, what are we going to do with the day and is there anything we look forward to, often we turn to food for pleasure and comfort, munching away on crisps, chocalate, cake. We go out spending, buying things we don’t need, we look at some of the things we buy and feel happy for a moment then we realize we have no place to wear that lovely new dress and nobody perhaps to wear it for and we slump again into depression.  We try to pick ourself up and join things alian to us trying to spark an interest but we don’t enjoy it.  The important things and important people are missing from our life for whatever reason and nothing sparks any interest in us anymore. We plod on hoping tomorrow things will change for the better in some way but they never do.

Let Down.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if goverments crashed and there was nobody suitable to take over the country, am i kidding, this very often is the the case where there is not anybody suitable to vote for and we are left with a choice of evils.

Some one said the other day the American people have not much choice all they have is Trump or Clinton and one is mad to keep America pure.huh! few American’s are pure American.  And Clinton who will continue welcoming in more people from any where in the world to crowd the country.

As for the UK what have we got Corbyn few have much faith in him he comes across as weak and not suitable for a Prime Minister.  0ur present Prime Minister is strong and as the qualitys to make a good Prime Minister but he fails on policys and the people feel badly let down by him.



That is sooooo true i had to live with a step mother  with a nasty evil destructive tongue, as a child into adult life she enjoyed putting me down until she nearly detroyed me completely, she hated me.  I went out in to the world and found myself capable of turning on the hateful tongue if i was hurt or bullied  by any one it was my only defence .

When i had my kids i loved every bone in there bodies and gave them all i had got to give, i was aware of the evil tongue i had bestowed upon me by an evil step mother  but i thought it was under control, but when i felt they were not listning to me it would arise, i don’t believe i ever said anything to them that was not true or could harm them but it might have been best not said atall.

There father had always beaten me from the start of our marriage,  to him it was normol he had watched his father beat his mother when frustrated about work or anything else. I loved him dearly and i had nowhere to go anyway with no money and two kids i no way wanted to leave them behind they were my world. I had tried to find some where safe away from him but there was nowhere then.

Finally years later i took the case to court and he was to stay away from my new home but he was useing others with lies he told them to attack my home and he continued being behind a hate conspiracy because his ego was injured when i left him and he no longer had a punch bag.

The man who had never cared for the kids or provided for them had changed and was now helping them, and my kids now had turned against me and he was in favour, all that i had done for them was forgotten.  Hate for him set in and when he died they were upset but all i felt was relief that he was gone and so it seperated us compeletely.