Sado anonymous.

I think i said before that i have had anonymous calls for years nobody answers and don’t leave a number or if they do there is a silly noise on the end of the phone if i rang back and nothing else.

I have a vision of the person that does this sort of thing over and over again. Sado’s anonymous i call them. I see a very bored with life kind of person sitting at a desk or in an office with nothing much to do all day, or sitting at home, thinking, “0h i know what i will do, i will put in a block and ring this number again, it  might upset them, after all they look as though they enjoy life more than i do so i want to piss them of, make them feel how i feel”.

0r of course it could be some one  or some people who are jealous, maybe we have a better car, even a better personality, more friend’s whatever some thing narks them  about us.  Maybe they like playing childish games, i would be bored sick if it were me if i had nothing better to do than think to myself, “Must ring that number again to upset them” i couldn’t be bothered with such waste of time crap, so is it people with low intellect who persist in this sort of thing?.

I might have thought this person had found a life had these shit head calls stopped but i can see who ever it is never changes and obviously there life gets no better and neaither do they, poor sods.



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