People passion.

People have there passion for things and some assume that we all have the same passion inflicting it upon us like we want to hear every damn last thing about it whatever it might be and we politely put up with it as long as we can. They go on as though there can be nothing else in the world better than this place, or this game whatever it is they do, a bit like some people and there photograph’s where they must explain who everybody on the photograph is and what they were doing, its there pleasure not our’s, they will keep it up as long as they can and your patiance is running thin they are plain selfish you will find, as soon as you try to talk about some thing you like they have to go.¬† They are trying to impress us with things that we are not interested in the stage is set for them alone, they are not interested in you or me or what interests us.

Infact some times i think some of the best things that happen to us we like to save for ourself knowing that there is little chance any one else would appreciate them like we do there maybe an inner desire to share but it would have to be some one very special.


2 thoughts on “People passion.

  1. That’s so true – so many people talking the hind leg off a donkey who don’t have the slightest interest in anyone else! It always annoys me. And I agree – sometimes there are very special experiences you just can’t share with anyone else. Although I do have a little chat with God and discuss it with Him – after all, he knows how I’m feeling anyway! xx


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