Graveyard fox.

Whilst spending a few days in the Lake district and walking my dog we took a short cut through a grave yard my dog on a lead of course.  We were about to pass some very old grave stones going back to the 1800’s no problem then my dog stopped sudden and would not move forward backing of and growling then barking furiously, moss was growing over  wonky looking old stone’s, she put up quite a performance and it took me quite some time to get her to willingly go forward when even then she still kept looking behind her with her tail down.

I sensed some thing but could see nothing under the shade of a huge tree.  Determined to make sense of this next day i went back there and took my dog to see what she would do this time but she just growled a little and was a bit twitchy this time.

I found that next to the stone in question was a massive old stone with a  huge slab i had not noticed before, a huge slab like floor that was part lifted from the ground.  Walking around the back of the stone i being a country girl picked up the scent of a fox den and sure enough evidence showed a den and way underneaith were two tiny little cubs well out of the reach of any thing that could harm them, so cute.



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