Friends and enemys.

Ngobesing Romanus one of my fellow bloggers here on wordpress wrote a poem called.  Many Enemies Are Called Friends. How true all of that is, some people call every one they meet, My Friend, not true.  All of those people you might meet up with and appear friendly and pleasant are not always your friend.

I will extend this to even your family, blood relatives, those close to you do not always want the best for you, those you put your trust in because you believe they are close can be anything but trust worthy.many enemies are called friends. I know from experience that the closest link the one’s you expect to be on your side at all costs are not always with you, they are as much likely to use and abuse you as anybody else, some will use that closeness and belief in it to fool you.

A great example of people was the twelve disciples of Jesus.  Without going in to too much detail, the story is pretty well known and can be found in the New Testement.  Jesus close followers let him down.


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