Write a book or a blog

Some one sent me a message saying, “other’s write a book about things you write about and make money and you write a blog, why”?.

I suppose because i can freely write a blog with no pressure, writing a book there is pressure to get every word spelt spot on, to use the correct grammer and punchuation all of that takes lots of patiance and a lot of time.

Infact one needs no distraction’s and possibly some one who will proof read for you that you know is well educated and you trust  that they can guide you.  Successful writer’s never write without the support of some one else.

Catherine Cookson one of my favourite author’s had some wonderful stories to tell but she was not educated and a poor writer so she had little success, then later in life she marriad a well educated man and she began to tell her stories and her husband well qualified to do so prepared them for the success they became.


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