My mother’s secret.

A conversation taking place between a daughter and  mother who’s daughter as just found out that her mother’s sister had been adopted and she had never met her or knew about her until now.


Why did grandma Kelly have a child  adopted mum?  Asked daughter Patricia.

Mum, she is your sister, my aunty.  Said Patricia

She is alive and out there mum don’t you want to meet her? .  Said patricia.

No what does it matter now too many years have passed.  Said mum.

0f course it matters mum its not her fault.  Said patricia.

What happened mum why was she adopted?   Said Patricia determined to know more.

There was a world war your grandfather was fighting the war, first i was adopted but your gran kept in touch with me, but my sister’s adopted family would not allow it.  Your gran’s home was bombed and she had no where to go when she was having my sister she was talked into having her adopted and there was no choice at that time.    Said mum.

Its not right, i can’t believe this as happened.   Said an anxious patricia.

Mum we can not ignore it all this woman is alive and out there we can’t turn our backs on her.  Said patricia.

Yes we can, the past is the past we can’t change it.  Said mum.

Mum she is one of us this is tragic and sad, its wrong. Said patricia.

Part of the family refused to ever accept my sister, at one point when she seeked us he told her she did not exist only i existed, he was a scary old man i can not tell you who that was but he is dead now anyway, whilst alive he made us stay away from making any contact with her whatsoever.   Said mum.  She was your gran’s secret.

A true story.   Full story Copyrights belong to me.






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