Any thing is possible.

Every one gets time’s of depression but i also have times of believing that almost anything is possible.  I have seen so many turn arounds in my life where people have found themselves in the bad posision they have previously put some one else in and they have turned around before they die to say with obvious deep grief “Now i know how you felt”.

For some people things must happen to them personally before they understand how narrow minded and hurtful they have been. Even then some can only groan on about there own hurt and in cases like that they are a lost cause.


6 thoughts on “Any thing is possible.

  1. Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if only we all came to our senses and said sorry before we died? I guess that will only happen in heaven! That’s another gorgeous header, Jane – is it New England or Vermont by any chance?


  2. Unfortunately my husband is not like that. He is a “he” person. It only happens to him.
    I am a talker that tries to explain things and according to him, I am always wrong. He will die that way and unthankful. No wonder they all ran away from him.
    People should think earlier in life what they do to others. Unfortunately they cant pull their heads out of their own a**….


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