It is sooo weird that all the best complements any one could wish for arrive in my spam folder, how much people enjoy my blog, how they like my set up and so much more, “So who ever you are (and there was nine this morning), what stops you from writing a nice comment after one of my posts?, “there i will answer you” 0r are you just trying out your flattery tecnique for some other reason if so don’t bother i don’t always bother to read them anyway.


A Love Like This. Poem.

Your arms were wrapped around me like a vine around a tree

i felt the warmth of your body next to me, the room filled with

scent from a rose by the open window, your kisses were potent

sooo tender, a candle flickered on the window sill and went out

the room filled with the smell of  melting wax, we lay looking at

the ceiling then took each others hand, the sun flickered and the

shadow of a tree waved across the room, without him there would

be no summer,no flower’s, no beauty in the world for me, the world

would be an empty place.

There we are.

I would like to think that when i die i would be able to say i used every bit of talant god had given me and used it to the best of my ability but its probably not altogether true that i did. There are things i can say  though and that is that i have never deliberately harmed any one or been vindictive, that i have never felt that getting my own back on any one achieved anything, and that i have been able to forgive many and love them setting aside the wrong they have done me. I am capable of over looking the things that are obvious to see the beauty within some one, i am compassionate and feel for other’s. And i do not bare grudges because i beieve we all make mistakes.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking this all makes me a soft touch  because i have a degree of wisdom too and i am not weak minded.

Never again.


Aunty acid is right it is amazing how many of us put up with people we don’t really like just because they are there and we don’t want any unpleasantness, some times we are glad when that person takes of on one for what seems a silly reason saying they don’t like us and blame us just so we never have to see them again.

Matter’s not.

Does it matter at the end of our life what we have achieved in this life no the only things that matter’s are things that don’t matter atall in this life.  How god loving we are, how good our heart is, how forgiving we are, and many thing that don’t matter in this life. If we are rich or poor matters not one bit.