Some people may think that they know about me because i write a blog and i know nothing about those who read what i write, not so , i do know what sort of people i am blogging to from the response i get to a post, or no response, or half hearted response, or eager response, even how many do respond. Depending on what subject it is i get a glimse into what kind of people they are.

I know if they are careing people, or trivial people, if they are fun people, spiritual people, cold hearted people, and the rest.  I can tell if they are people with deep feelings, if some one feels any real concern about some thing they take the trouble to leave a comment. I can tell the one’s who respond to certain things i write and avoid others.


4 thoughts on “Responding.

  1. Hallo Jane. Apologies for not being around to read or respond to your posts for what seems like ages. I was very distracted while my mum was ill and didn’t keep up well at that time. Then just after Mother’s Day my mum returned to hospital, then end-of-life care. We had the funeral and sorted house clearance just this last week. Sad and hectic time, but home again now and hopefully picking up the pieces and getting myself back to routines better. Had a quick browse here today and will return another time soon to catch up. hope yu’ve had a nice bank holiday weekend – I’ve never known a mayDay so cold – bring on some spring/summer hey. Best wishes 🙂


    1. Hi! Colette nice to have you back, so sorry to hear about your mum it is always a very sad and painful time for us when some one close comes to the end of life and difficult to get ourself together again but we do and you are back living with some happy memorys i am sure.

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