Update records.

Have you had it, you must have. You have used there services at some time maybe years ago and they never bother to update there records and keep taking money out of your account for nothing.

I have had it with Doctor’s who keep telling me i have not seen the nurse or some thing for twelve months and i only saw that person a month ago and so they are contacted by phone or letter to update them and still they keep sending the messages and phone calls.

0nce you had a car from a company who years later when you have probably changed your car to another at least three times and informed them of that still keep the record of the car you had years ago and think you still have it.

Letter’s that arrive for some one that lived in your house years ago, you have let them know  that person is not living there anymore but they still continue to send stuff. You begin to feel its a waste of time talking nobody is listning, it seems nobody wants to bother updating there records they want to persist in relying on old customers if they can. Do they know what they are doing atall.?



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