My little dog went for a yearly booster vaccination today, the nurse about eighteen years old went on about every thing we did not go for, the dogs ears, the dogs teeth, the dogs diet, she did it for so long that my little dog was getting restless having stood good as gold for about twenty minutes of a lecture about things we would have pointed out ourselves had they been a problem.

We stood for being spoken to like a couple who knew sweet f.a. about dogs whilst waiting for this booster, what with the cost of it and the lecture no wonder the surgury is empty at vets and hardly anybody goes.  I have had so many years of experience with all kinds of dog breeds i have lost count of the years and i am putting up with this crap before my dog can get its booster.

And what its really about all this waste of time lecture is the possibility of charging you for some thing you did not go for and some thing you didnt need, like some special food when you know your dog is happy on what it already is on, or selling you some ear drops when your dogs ears are fine, or some thing else, its all about money.





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