Returning to the old days.

Some time’s i would like to return to the old day’s.  These day’s nobody know’s if they are standing next to a murderer in a pub, that could never have happened year’s ago.  When any one leaves a kid with a stranger now even in a nursery they can not trust that these people are all there for the welfare of there children. Even if they are women it as been known for some to be child sex abuser’s, or they have been known to be providing children for men to abuse, this would have never happened then. People were more moralistic and most kids mother’s stayed at home until there child went to School. People worked hard and earned there play time and such thing’s crossed the minds of only a very few mentally sick morons that were few and far between.

When small children scream and shout about being taken to nursery what do parant’s know of what is happening when they are not there with them,they don’t. A child does not scream and cry and protest about going some where just for the hell of it. I have seen mother’s taking kids into nursery screaming and crying in protest and mother’s saying they have got to go to work, work is more important to them than there own kid’s.

Year’s ago people were likely to be more honist too because they were made to feel ashamed and shown up in front of others if they stole from anybody, now is different, an asbo they wear with pride as though its some great achievment.

Exscuse’s are made for bad behaviour now, there were no exscuse’s allowed year’s ago, there was just punishment.  Now people pop into prison like its there second home or permanent home, it provides friends, social life and comfort, free food no responsibility, years ago that might have been very different.


8 thoughts on “Returning to the old days.

  1. Is this how it feels to you?It may be that with the media nlw we learn more than we did 50 years ago.But people have always existed who duid evil things.Don’t trust people like priests,doctors,top folk.Humble people are often better,I think


      1. Yes,and there is a lot of confussion as to what is good for us and what isnt, it might be better if they checked things out a lot more before they tell us things are good for us then next week changing there minds. And it would be nice if they found some more uplifting things to tell us maybe there would not be so many depressed people about. If some one is sensitive and caring they will not want to hear all the time about the horrors of the world specially when there is nothing can be done.

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