Family life.

I envy those who have been adopted when they find there real family and they want to know them and get along with them, even if it is only from a distance, some times its enough just to know you have some one out there who cares some what.

I have never been lucky enough to have what i call normality in my life.  Even my adoptive parants were dropped by there relatives because they could not stand by and watch how i was being treated, they thought turning a blind eye was ok and kept away.

As for my real family i was warned of and told i did not exist and it reflecked on my children and they took it personally, ending up with us seperating as well.

My mothers parants were not poor but selfish and split up when my mother and her sisters and brothers were small children and they all went into foster care, my mother herself had a traumatic life she passed onto me. Maybe some people should never have children.


12 thoughts on “Family life.

      1. I have heard from him gilly he says some one must have compromised myemail but infact i received mail from him and got one back from him so if it wasnt him who sent it who was it? its him or some one else who as access to his email, and nothing to do with my email being compromised.


      2. 😦 I sometimes get junk email which pretends to be from friends or family, but when I look at the email I see that it’s a false one. The internet is like shark-infested waters sometimes! Stay safe xx


      3. Yes i think it was him gilly he is not related to me atall he just claimed to be mrriad to some one of the same name i was looking for at that time which is two years ago he is not on my computor now i didnt expect to hear anymore from him.x


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