Success and depression.

Why is that some successful people get depressed, it can be an illness, but not always, some times they have reached the limit of there success and they know it and can take things no furthur, they look back at success.the days when they seemed to have it all, but where now do they go they ask, its over!.

What have they really got that others have not aside from the medals that get forgot in time.  They must keep this up or they will fade out, people might forget there names and how good they were, some one else might better them and put them in the shade, they ask themselves what is this all about. Family and friends those important to them love them anyway and those who follow them are just following a dream.

But they have to be in front, they have to win, they have to be the best, it is like an addict needing another shot. Younger people better people are coming up, better at whatever there game, better looking too and they know it so depression sets in.

Some times on the face of things to others they still have it all maybe it came too easy and they never had to fight for it they have taken for granted all that they have and  now are scared of losing it all for some reason, reality hits.


2 thoughts on “Success and depression.

  1. Success might itself be a cause of depression. Last month, one of my posts got the highest number of views. I did not know what to do. So I took a pause from blogging. I felt that I would never be able to post another article that would get as many views. I went into a sort of depression. (I have come to know it recently.) I have been posting lately for the fun that I used to have in the beginning. The desire to do better is still there but it has come under control. And I’m feeling better.


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