0bnoxious familys.

No matter how hard you try you can not get away from some things.  If you have an obnoxious unbarable family they will rear there greedy selfish head’s now and then and let you know they are still about some where.

Even if they are the one’s who ditched you they want to try to keep you hanging on, they continue thinking they can keep pissin you about.    They expect you to still be wanting them when you are sick of them and there ways and you never want to hear from them or see them again ever.

They will play with your emotions until there is nothing left to play, tempt and tease like a long lost love might but your done with it as far as your concerned its over you don’t care who they are, where they are or what they do any more, they have walked all over you and pissed you about for the last time, but they don’t seem to get it they are so full of there own self importance.

As for the family you belonged to once  who wrote you of as a child and pretend you never existed your curious about them as they are about you, but you want nothing to do with them, you even think although it wasn’t a great life you had it was probably better than the one they had to offer a child so they need not flatter themselves.  As for saying you don’t exist they should open up there narrow minds and see the truth.


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