The place to be. poem.



This is the place

i plan to be

sat in a chair beside

the sea,

ice cold drinks

the side of me,

sun lotion to

protect some

parts of me,

warm sunshine




look out

at far of




beguiling me.




The rules the same.

The best part of the world today is that we all have opportunity to do what we want and succeed it as never been a better time to do some thing.  0nce law was strict on who we were, your a boy, behave like one, your a girl, behave like one, boys wear blue, and girls wear pink, rubbish. Now we can attempt anything we want at any age and be anything we want to be, and why not.

I was a tom boy as a kid and wanted to play football but because i was a girl it was not allowed,. it was a case of boys do this and girls do that rubbish. I did not want to be a boy but i did enjoy boys toys they i thought were more fun than girls, but i also played with dolls. I grew up enjoying being a woman with thoughts of the unfairness of the sexes and rebelled a bit.

I marriad my first husband at twenty after a long affair with some one else. My new husband thought i should be tied to the kitchen sink and wait for him when he went out drinking and coming back any time he liked until one day i told him what was good for the goose was good for the gander and i left him after a short time and returned to being as single as was possible whilst he threatned he would not divorce me for five years and he did not. I didn’t care i had no plans to marry again then if ever.  He thought what he could do was different from me just because i was a woman and he a man, i did not agree.  If he could go out alone so could I, if he could meet his friends so could I.


Some people may think that they know about me because i write a blog and i know nothing about those who read what i write, not so , i do know what sort of people i am blogging to from the response i get to a post, or no response, or half hearted response, or eager response, even how many do respond. Depending on what subject it is i get a glimse into what kind of people they are.

I know if they are careing people, or trivial people, if they are fun people, spiritual people, cold hearted people, and the rest.  I can tell if they are people with deep feelings, if some one feels any real concern about some thing they take the trouble to leave a comment. I can tell the one’s who respond to certain things i write and avoid others.

A brave and amazing young man.


Alex Lewis is amazing after a flesh eating bug he lost his arms and legs and part of his face. He still shows amazing determination to fight on and i can see him walking one day and useing artificial arms and legs to live a normol life, throwing them on each day like we throw our boots and shoes on. He as a lovely wife who adores him and a beautiful son and he needs all the help any one can give to get him fully mobile, so if you want to help a good cause this guy is a very well deserving one.


My little dog went for a yearly booster vaccination today, the nurse about eighteen years old went on about every thing we did not go for, the dogs ears, the dogs teeth, the dogs diet, she did it for so long that my little dog was getting restless having stood good as gold for about twenty minutes of a lecture about things we would have pointed out ourselves had they been a problem.

We stood for being spoken to like a couple who knew sweet f.a. about dogs whilst waiting for this booster, what with the cost of it and the lecture no wonder the surgury is empty at vets and hardly anybody goes.  I have had so many years of experience with all kinds of dog breeds i have lost count of the years and i am putting up with this crap before my dog can get its booster.

And what its really about all this waste of time lecture is the possibility of charging you for some thing you did not go for and some thing you didnt need, like some special food when you know your dog is happy on what it already is on, or selling you some ear drops when your dogs ears are fine, or some thing else, its all about money.




Update records.

Have you had it, you must have. You have used there services at some time maybe years ago and they never bother to update there records and keep taking money out of your account for nothing.

I have had it with Doctor’s who keep telling me i have not seen the nurse or some thing for twelve months and i only saw that person a month ago and so they are contacted by phone or letter to update them and still they keep sending the messages and phone calls.

0nce you had a car from a company who years later when you have probably changed your car to another at least three times and informed them of that still keep the record of the car you had years ago and think you still have it.

Letter’s that arrive for some one that lived in your house years ago, you have let them know  that person is not living there anymore but they still continue to send stuff. You begin to feel its a waste of time talking nobody is listning, it seems nobody wants to bother updating there records they want to persist in relying on old customers if they can. Do they know what they are doing atall.?