Give them a chance.

If we do not give some one a chance how do we know that they are not going to be a good friend.  Passing some one of before they are given a chance can be our loss, i have found people who are some times distant and difficult to know are some times more genuine than the one who throws themselves at me with a big smile, they are flippant and flitty and there mood changes like there personality.  They speak very nice and say all the right things but are not always what they seem.

If i was put of from beliving in god by some of the people that call themselves Christian for a start i would have given up on god years ago.  Some that go to Church and call themselves Christian’s have been some of the worse offenders especially some who have not been to Church in there life and have suddenly supposed to have changed there life and are now full time Church goers in every sense of the word thinking they know everything. Being born again as not really worked for them they are just there to tell everybody else they know nothing.

People who are so clicky they shut others out this is some thing some do that you would not expect educated people who you expect to have broad minds talking among themselves as though your not there not only is it rude but its antisocial..

Always thinking our friends have to have things in common with us is not entirely true some times we can find a side to some one we like very much some thing that gives us another string to our bow so to speak.

Does it matter what this person you have just met looks like listen to him and what he or she has to say he or she may be very interesting a person and you might learn some thing.


2 thoughts on “Give them a chance.

  1. Totally agree with this, Jane! One of the reasons I started a blog in the first place was to get to know people I would never normally meet. We need to be open-minded about others, just as you say – although, sadly, in this day and age we also need to be a bit cautious before we give away too much about ourselves. xx


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