Going Viral.

Just imagine this you are used to nothing more than a couple of comment’s a day,a very average following, and a few likes, and this one morning you open your blog expecting the same and are shaking and panic stricken when you discover that, “0h my god, my blog its exploded into thousands of followers and likes and comments.”Heart racing you ask why?

What did you do different, what was it that changed your blog from this average plod along blog to going viral?  Why as it gone from being average to exploding in to thousands of follower’s, it must be a mistake.

You are even asking yourself if you really wanted this, can you cope with it all, what do they want from you for goodness sakes. You are not selling anything or giving anything away, what for god’s sake do they want, you repeat to yourself again and again.

Will it sink again down to a couple of comment’s a day again a very average following and a few likes or have you become an amazing blogger over night seem’s unlikely, no you never expected any of this it as to be a mistake, panic setting in.

But no, all search engines have picked up on your blog for the first time, all connections are open, and people have found some thing of interest to them that they like and they want more and have told all of there friends about you. Wey! Hey! you know you earned that so Enjoy!.


3 thoughts on “Going Viral.

  1. I reckon you’ve been reading the minds of lots of bloggers who think “It’s just little old me, having a bit of personal fun, why on earth would anyone be interested?” Well, we are, so there! Enjoy it. Happy Easter!


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