Battle for successful author.

When J.K. Rowlings sent a story called Cuckoo calling, (after her success with Harry Potter) to  publisher’s, Constable and Robinson,they said it would not sell well and she was advised to pick up The Writer’s handbook, and learn how to write, it was suggested she take a writing course too, hard to believe but true.

She also sent the same to another publisher who told her they were closed for submissions and not interested.

The Cuckoo calling eventually sold 1,500 copy’s, not bad eh for what was concidered rubbish by some. This was before the book was known to be written by J.K. Rowlings.

The right kind of help and support can make the difference between failure or success as a writer Catharine Cookson wrote many good stories without success until she met and marriad a university lecturer educated in how to plan and prepare her book for publication and as catharine was not an educated woman  she spoke into a tape recorder and it was all corrected by him and prepared for publication bringing her enourmous  wealth and success.


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