Easter the ressurection and the life.

Easter approaches, the ressurection and the life of Jesus Christ, wether you believe this man was the son of god or not matters not because he was a good man who tried to teach the people how to live in difficult times. He taught us how to be humble and kind and was abused by many just as he is today.

Easter is the best time the start of spring, full of hope.  The ressurection of Jesus is really what easter is about.

Many hate god because they can not face the truth about themselves, coming to him mean’s opening up and being honist with ourself which many can not do so they fear god and stay forever protected by there own sin as long as they live and death is there end.

I am a peace loving person i care about people and animals alike.  No one who is truly god loving kills, the bible says – thou shalt not kill- and no normol human being wants to kill.

Suicide ends life but leads no place else. If our heart is full of hate we only hurt ourself in the end and are never at peace.

When we die we move into another place, possibly we are reborn some where else as reincarnation teaches us, as some one else, even as an animal or bird, so if you treat animals bad you will probably come back to be treated bad. The evil you may have done will come back upon you in time.

God said there are many mansions and he prepared a place for us and we believe eventually that glory will come to us those who believe Jesus Christ was the son of god.

The bible says we must be born again this is interpreted in different ways. When we give our life to god we change as though we are born again the past is gone forever what ever that was and we find ourselves treading a different path a caring path one chosen by that power we call god.

Some times we are seperated from loved one’s who have gone away from god, god himself causes a division between us and seperates us because we are on the right path the one he chose for us and we accepted and they did not.


God said his chosen people would be tried and tested like gold in the fire, he never said things would be easy but the rewards are great if we follow that narrow path .



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