My Dream.

If i look at my stats i have had no visitors, no comments, no likes, never the less i will continue with writing about a dream i had, a dream that was very real and very scary.

There was an enormous rumbling from the sky like i never heard before, i could hardly believe what i was seeing from a large glass window.

People were running like i never saw in my life before, they fell over one another as they went some scratching the earth in desperation, they pushed one another like mad men and women children screaming in horror and being trampled to death by the crowds.

The earth shuck as the rumble from the sky got deafning, there was looks of terror on the faces of the people who screamed and cried and shouted. The earth opened and many of them fell into a huge hole.

A voice echoed and covered the earth, a voice that made the earth shake like nothing i ever knew before and the sky lit up so bright it blinded us all.  We were safe but those who were there with me behind this window would be answering to this enormous power and we too were afraid but we stood and waited for whatever was to come, whilst many died before our eyes.



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