Trust in him.

I get no satisfaction in seeing some one suffer just because they have hurt me i trust in god and i have found that when i pray to god and i say, “punish them lord for what wrong they have done to me”, i am always shocked to find god’s punishment is far worse than any i might ever give.

Proverbs 20.

Verse 22.

Do not take it upon yourself to repay wrong.  Trust the lord god and he will make it right.

I add this, only expect this to be so if you have done all you can to make things right.


4 thoughts on “Trust in him.

  1. Yes, it’s important to say that, Jane. I agree with you. Only God knows absolutely everything about everyone, so it makes sense that He’s the only one who can ever give a truly just judgment. Funnily enough we were discussing this in the sermon on Sunday (we go to a very informal church where you start with burgers!) and everyone said that they had people in their lives they found it hard to forgive. I find it helpful to realise that I am forgiving people out of God’s forgiveness, and I just pray his forgiveness will spill over into me and help me to let it all go. Like it says in the Lord’s Prayer, ‘forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us’. xx


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