Is private the best.


Is a private blog best i wonder where we can save what we want and write what we want and we can secure it for our own purpose and just a few friends we have got to know and trust.?


4 thoughts on “Is private the best.

  1. I think it depends what the individual blogger wants out of their blog. Do they want it open so that everybody is free to read it and comment? I think that only works if the blogger is happy to deal with negative comments as well as positive ones. Or does the blogger want to express themselves with just a few close friends? Actually I find I can do that with Facebook. It’s up to the individual, I think xx


    1. Private is safe but boring i think, but when some one is stopping your stats and people are complaining they can not get into your blog because of it and there is nothing you can do about it because you are not in control of it gilly it seriously makes me wonder if to continue keeping my blog open.X

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      1. I just ignore it gilly its not as though for me it is the beggining and end of all, i write because i want to i dont care that much if my blog is not at the top i am too old to care, and i am not wanting to be anything but what i am, just hoping some enjoy it and by blocking it some are not getting the chance.X

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