Why do i need a car one might say i use my hubbys a lot of the time, he driving of course. My last new car had only 1000 miles on the clock after three years, even my hubby laughs about that.

Some might think i don’t do enough walking but i walk my dog every morning and i do a two hour none stop bowls stint every week.

Why do i have a car?  I could catch a bus it would cost me little or nothing, i could stand out in the cold waiting for a bus with the wind and rain blowing, stumble on there among all the coughing and sneezing and the smell on some peoples clothes of cigarette smoke rubbing off on me, yuk! i shudder at the thought.

No i have a car and i love my little 108 peugeot, i love bombing around in it to do my shopping and to me its worth every penny it cost me and afterall i don’t drink, don’t smoke, rarely go out,and only usually have one holiday a year in this country so having the convenience of a car means everything to me. Not only that but to me it spells freedom to get behind the wheel and take of when ever i feel like it to wherever i want to go, a great feeling.


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