Kind Comments in spam.


Well i some times get more comments in my spam folder than i do any where and this morning there was ten, all complimentary, from outsiders of wordpress, all liking my site and impressed with it, having enjoyed what i wrote and liked my set up, one saying he had seeked some thing like this all over the net, that it was informative and interesting. Another one saying that they did not understand how it was that my site was not one of the top ones when many of those that  were they said were crap, there words.

Well there are a number of reasons why my site is not at the top it is not actually open to a lot of other sites for a start and might only be found by accident also i am not the website owner who can make whatever he or she pleases top blogs. And probably don’t sell myself enough, or i am not known on enough search engines. But whoever you are thank you for your comments much appreciated.  And yes it is hard work but your kind comments make it worth while.


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