Move with the time.

12715384_1027463847299187_6933425401810411035_n   No one wants to grow old but it happens gradually so we hardly notice until one day we look in the mirror and we barely reckonize the one looking back at us.

We will grow old but we do not have to grow old in mind and spirit, we can still laugh at  things in life. Still we can move with the times, enjoy the things of today, move on with every one else not hang behind thinking only the old days had anything good about them that is the way to cut your life short.

.  We can look at the good things today has to offer us and remember that many of us might not be alive today if it were not for the treatment available to us today to keep us fit. We can embrace the modern world, the tecnology that once never existed not see it as some thing to fear as some older people do, learn about it in whatever way we wish and see that there is  some thing there for everybody much of it good.


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