Raw truth.

Mother’s day tomorrow, it comes and goes now and i hardly notice, my son left home when he was eighteen, years ago, and i never hear from him, don’t think i would even know him if i saw him now.

Some times i think of all that i put up with for years to keep my family together for there sakes, and all i did for them just to end up being shunned by them in the end.  I remember the time they could not wait to get away from a violent father they had, and my daughter being beaten across her back with a walking stick until it broke trying to stop him beating me  just because he did not want to eat what i had started to cook for them.

How they watched him beat me and steal from me for years, any money i worked for he took from me, and when he became pathetic as dementia creeped up on him years later they forgot what he once was like. They put on him dumping there kids on him when he could barely look after himself and could not say no, (whilst he rambled a loud of rubbish they listened to) claiming they had to go to work, not so.

They claim there support and love for him now but how much did they really do for him when he was alive, not as much as they should have.  As for me they took from me all the time, certainly my daughter did, but not one of them did a tap for me, not even changed a light bulb.

She would buy things for mothers day, when she did it was things that a  child at School might buy, and i would accept gracefully so as not to offend, whilst they  thought it was a big joke. Nothing i did for them was enough and nothing was good enough for them it was always more more and more they wanted from me.

In the end i said to my hubby if i stop giving my daughter money each time i see her, paying for her grocery, her petrol, buying her gifts, her coffee and cakes,paying for most things, i bet him she would drop me.  And sure enough i was right.

For a few weeks i deliberately avoided paying her petrol for the week and spontaneously giving to her, she turned nasty on one day when i laughingly said i should not have bought all the things i had because i would have trouble carrying them all, she turned on me and said, “Well i am not carrying them,  I had not expected her to, and i managed.

My grandchildren were brought up to be mean and greedy there father taught them to always go for the best even when it wasn’t what they really wanted if somebody else was paying. Always they had one each of everything they never shared.  And i never remember getting a card from them at Christmas or on my birthday it was all take and no give.

I know my mothers day will be blessed my hubby will buy me chocalates and flowers and take me out for a meal and it will come from the heart.






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