Give them a chance.

If we do not give some one a chance how do we know that they are not going to be a good friend.  Passing some one of before they are given a chance can be our loss, i have found people who are some times distant and difficult to know are some times more genuine than the one who throws themselves at me with a big smile, they are flippant and flitty and there mood changes like there personality.  They speak very nice and say all the right things but are not always what they seem.

If i was put of from beliving in god by some of the people that call themselves Christian for a start i would have given up on god years ago.  Some that go to Church and call themselves Christian’s have been some of the worse offenders especially some who have not been to Church in there life and have suddenly supposed to have changed there life and are now full time Church goers in every sense of the word thinking they know everything. Being born again as not really worked for them they are just there to tell everybody else they know nothing.

People who are so clicky they shut others out this is some thing some do that you would not expect educated people who you expect to have broad minds talking among themselves as though your not there not only is it rude but its antisocial..

Always thinking our friends have to have things in common with us is not entirely true some times we can find a side to some one we like very much some thing that gives us another string to our bow so to speak.

Does it matter what this person you have just met looks like listen to him and what he or she has to say he or she may be very interesting a person and you might learn some thing.


Its free, is it.

Don’t you get fed up with all those sites that say, FREE, FREE, FREE.   Some even go to the trouble of telling you all they have available, all FREE, but once you get in there they want your credit card number and all your details before you can look in. Brrrrrrrrrr Rubbish.


Why am i writing, i feel as though i might as well make this blog private then i know that i am only writing for myself and i can say what i wish without fear.  Comments trickle in, in one’s and two’s  and stats hardly move anymore, what changed ive no idea but some thing certainly has, some thing changed that as put a block on my blog getting out and reaching everybody that it was. If things don’t get sorted i will make it a private blog and invite just a few trusted friends.


Going Viral.

Just imagine this you are used to nothing more than a couple of comment’s a day,a very average following, and a few likes, and this one morning you open your blog expecting the same and are shaking and panic stricken when you discover that, “0h my god, my blog its exploded into thousands of followers and likes and comments.”Heart racing you ask why?

What did you do different, what was it that changed your blog from this average plod along blog to going viral?  Why as it gone from being average to exploding in to thousands of follower’s, it must be a mistake.

You are even asking yourself if you really wanted this, can you cope with it all, what do they want from you for goodness sakes. You are not selling anything or giving anything away, what for god’s sake do they want, you repeat to yourself again and again.

Will it sink again down to a couple of comment’s a day again a very average following and a few likes or have you become an amazing blogger over night seem’s unlikely, no you never expected any of this it as to be a mistake, panic setting in.

But no, all search engines have picked up on your blog for the first time, all connections are open, and people have found some thing of interest to them that they like and they want more and have told all of there friends about you. Wey! Hey! you know you earned that so Enjoy!.

Strange things.

I did not like being different but i am, as a kid i could forsee things before they happened and warned people who scoffed at me and blamed me when those things i warned them about did happen.  So i began to keep quiet and push away the thing’s that came to me.

I looked through the window and saw a vision of what i thought was my mini clubman dark blue in collision with another car, some one was killed, i thought it could be me.  The other car was a petrol blue coloured reliant three wheeler, i did not want to believe it, i told my hubby straight away what i had visualized.

It was three weeks past when we heard a crash from the window and i looked out we both did and there at the bottom of the road was a dark blue mini clubman but not mine, and a three wheeler reliant petrol blue colour.  The fire brigade cut out the young man in the reliant, he was dead on impact. From then on my hubby i think looked upon me as a bit of a witch and i was looked upon with suspicion.  This was only one strange thing that happened that i had for-seen.

Greedy pig.


Guilty! I have eaten four iced buns with a cherry on top, two chocalate eggs with small chocalate creme eggs inside,.a slice of chocalate cake with creme, two lemon tarts and a chocalate covered ice cream, how do i feel, a bit disgusted with myself.  Well what else is there to do when it is raining outside, i ask yer. 0h! I forgot, two bags of cheese and onion