Worthy and strong.


We can believe what others say about us if we like or we can know ourself and like what we are. The more they batter us with unkind words the stronger we become, or weak and easy to break, we have a choice.

Those who choose to stand against us whoever they are, who make a fool of us, and despise us only hurt themselves in the end, they are foolish narrow minded people with no imagination and limitted intellect who can not face the truth.

People who are jealous of what we have and what we are, jealous of our strength and our courage.  People who beneith there hate for others, who blame others, blind themselves to the truth about everything and miss out because of there own selfishness and stupidness not because of you or me but because of themselves.

They are to blame for all of the misery in there awful unenviable lives that will surely come to pass for no one can be happy for ever who is full of hate and deliberately hurts others without reason.  They are destructive and there life is worthless.


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