What do i care.

Some one once wrote a poem about being old and wearing a red hat and purple dress and i am a bit like that now, not that i would wear a red hat with a purple dress but that i can laugh about things and shrug them of in a way that when i was younger i could not.

I don’t really care too much any more about what people say or think about me or what i do, i feel i can be me and for all those who think i am a useless old woman given the chance i can show them i can probably do better at some thing than they can.

I don’t want to go through those School days again, or those teen years, or those falling in love and out of love years that are so painful. And i would never want to get marriad again. But yes i would have children despite the way things can turn out, because it can be hard work, but i think the best time with them is when they are young and you can sit them upon your knee read them a story and cuddle them i would not have missed that for all the world.

I am glad that i have had the pleasure of knowing the modern world computors etc of which alone i learned about as i knew nobody my age interested in them, some people my age are just beggining to feel they are losing out and decided to learn how to use a computor i am glad i took it up years ago.

But there are things about the modern world i fear for the future about, i don’t like the idea of us going any furthur away from physical communication than we already have, i don’t want to live in a zombia type world among robotic people, coldness is not for me i am a warm hearted person, matter of fact coldness brings no joy.




2 thoughts on “What do i care.

  1. I know what you mean about not caring anymore… it takes time to learn to dare to be just ourselves, doesn’t it? Although I stop short of red hats with purple dresses too! 🙂 When we’re young it’s more about trying to fit in.


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