No faith no life no hope.

We all need to be made to feel special but so many of us feel neglected this applys to men and women boys and girls, so we eaither become pathetic and full of self pity, talking and even acting on suicide attempts that amount to nothing more than drawing attention to ourself, or we find ways of dealing with it.

I do not just feel neglected i have been rejected by my family for no good reason, my own mother dumped me, her family didn’t want to know me, my adopted mother who was off her head a lot of time talked of getting rid of me and wishing she never had me.

The children i gave my life to under the pressure of a violent relationship dumped me, so i have good reason to feel neglected. But no i don’t think of suicide at least not anymore, its not an answer nobody knows what is waiting for us when we die, we are here and we have to face whatever gets thrown at us and if we are lucky some one will be there for us to see it through.

If not then we lean on god and if we have no faith then we are in real trouble, nobody who cares, and no faith in god, non believer, if i was a non believer where would i be. I have been hated without cause accused when having done my best by deluded self possessed people. With faith i know some one will always be there for me.

My foster mother would have advertized me for sale like a loving dog she didn’t want anymore if she could.  Saying i was honist and decent because she knew me but she didnt want me.


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