No children.

What do people who deliberately don’t want children end up doing with there life? In the first place if they chose not to have children it can only be because they are selfish or occupied with other things still meaning they are selfish. I know there are some people have them and don’t want them but that is another story.

What other things are so much more important than having a family, of which i enjoyed when my children were small, and of course it goes on for years occupying your life and time.

Later on those i have known who decided to have no children imagin they have lost out because they won’t have any one there when they are old, well they are not missing out on that score, they did nothing and get nothing, where some of us did it all and still got nothing when we are old.

Some people who chose to have no children become self possessed thinking of nobody else but themselves through out there life. Even getting into strange things with strange ideas they can’t shake of, becoming unreasonable people. They say they hate sprogs yes that is there term for a child.

They don’t fit in with the norm because they hate kids many of them do, and most normol people who can have kids want them, to complete there family, and every where those without kids go they will meet up with women with there children. They are to be pitied perhaps for making such a selfish choice.






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