The spider.


A few weeks ago my door was open for my dog and i watched her watching some thing by the door then she nearly tipped the table up i work on trying to get round the back of it and i could not find anything there.

. I  decided it was nothing and forgot about it, then a day later i let out a scream as a large spider ran across the carpet and under hubbys chair and disapeared from site.  All the effort to try to find it led to moving furniture, but nothing.

Then yesterday my little dog insisted there was some thing under my kitchen table so it mean’t moving the table but again nothing there, because it had probably disapeared at the back of the cooker or some where else when she drew attention to it.

So my friend the spider is still in here some where and i pretend i don’t care but i know if he run’s across the carpet i will scream and i would rather get him outside than kill him if i get the chance but he won’t like it out there it is so cold so he will soon be back.LOL.


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