Let down.

Computor’s not having been a part of my life until the year 2000 i think tend’s to make me forget that i am actually making contact with other people when i write, maybe by now i should be aware but i am not, i write as though just for myself.

I always think nobody is that interested in me and what i write and i am still pleasantly surprised when people respond to me.  So when i received a phone call this morning from a woman saying she was from a story writing competition and was awaiting my manuscript i was quite shocked because i had pulled out of it feeling that the competition was way above my head.

I had found i was entering a book of the year competition and  had been led to believe it was a short story competition, not book of the year, i was not prepared for that.

I could not understand a word she said so i could not explain that to her eaither, but as she had kindly took the trouble to ring me and give me until 5.0.clock today the closing day, to change the format and get it in there i said i would see what i could do to sort it.

All went well i got the format changed to the correct format and made sure i had corrected everything.  And thought oh well here goes take pot luck they can’t hang me for it, they can only bin it if they don’t like it.  It occurd to me that i could stretch the story in to  a book if required to do so. Then i find my password and my email address is not accepted, question was what now, in a way i hope she reads this so she understands what happened, so that was it brrrrrrrrrrrr.


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