Some Favourite Writers.


I am a book lover and always have been even as a child where ever i went if there was books i was happy, nothing as changed, to me a place without books is not a happy place.

But i don’t pick up and read all through to the end many books, often i lose interest, some times because they go away from the original story on to some thing else for too long. They go into far too much unecersary detail about some thing and i get bored. 0r they lose me along the way some how and it falls flat.

Keeping the story on track most important, giving it a good beggining, a good middle part, and  a good ending, making it interesting from start to finish is what matters most to me. I feel this is much more important than making sure every single word is spelt right down to the last letter.


Some of the best writer’s of today for me anyway are these…………..


Ian C.P. Irvine……… The Messiah Conspiracy…


Stacie Marie Brown……..  Darkness of Light.  0nce again brilliant imagination, i so much enjoyed this.



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