Poet of our time.

What is good poetry? it is just some one’s opinion i suppose.  There is a lot of rubbish stuff but its like everything if people enjoy reading it or want to support there poetry mate its good, but some times good stuff gets over looked for crap but that is the case with everything.

Every one as there own idea of what sort of poetry they like, running into rap which is also poetry, often good stuff with added music, nitty gritty stuff we all understand.

But what about the sort of poetry that uses the kind of wording that many ordenery folk might avoid because they don’t understand what it means or it just takes too much time to make sense of it.

The one’s that go to Uni to become a Laureate and make there name as a poet of there time. We don’t hear of them until they have been made Laureate then every one wants to read  there stuff  claiming to like it, some times just because its  by some one who appears to have prooved themselves a great poet whilst quietly they don’t understand half of it until some one explains it to them.



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