What do you think?


I saw such a weird thing this morning a woman walking a dog on a lead in one hand and in the other she had a collar on a lead and no dog, i decided that it might be that she had also had another dog previously who had died and she was pretending to walk it to keep the other dog happy, or was she just of her trolley?.  What do you think?


Worthy and strong.


We can believe what others say about us if we like or we can know ourself and like what we are. The more they batter us with unkind words the stronger we become, or weak and easy to break, we have a choice.

Those who choose to stand against us whoever they are, who make a fool of us, and despise us only hurt themselves in the end, they are foolish narrow minded people with no imagination and limitted intellect who can not face the truth.

People who are jealous of what we have and what we are, jealous of our strength and our courage.  People who beneith there hate for others, who blame others, blind themselves to the truth about everything and miss out because of there own selfishness and stupidness not because of you or me but because of themselves.

They are to blame for all of the misery in there awful unenviable lives that will surely come to pass for no one can be happy for ever who is full of hate and deliberately hurts others without reason.  They are destructive and there life is worthless.

0ff to the lakes.


Soon i will be of to Windermere in the lake district for a few days and i am looking forward to that, visiting our favourite places and seeing old friends, taking a trip on a boat on the lake.  But today is very cold but at least it is bright and dry, think i prefer that to rain all the time.

This morning i enjoyed my walk with the dog, the sun was on my back all along the path even though the fields were white over with frost. Birds were singing as though it was already spring and over in another field were some new born lambs leaping about already, in the sunshine, a real treat to see.


Some people hide behind pretty things and sweet words. Some use some one elses name to hide behind too, some one’s name you know so you give out info to them thinking they are that friend.

0thers send you messages keep contact with you consistantly every day, some times several times a day whatever you write about, for some time, then you notice they are missing and when you try to find there blog it as closed.  How they do it i don’t care to know or why but you know they havent been your consistant friend then disapeared without probably leaving some thing behind you did not want or taken some thing. Most bloggers are decent people but these people are not genuine bloggers. Some never write anything atall but will fill there blog with some thing whilst it lasts, or not even bother .

There are many dodgers, some appearing very nice, you put some thing they have sent to you on your blog and find it is spyware or malware if you are not careful.

You can get the nice messages complimenting your blog and because you are a decent honist soul you believe what they say, after all, why say it, but they are quietly removing things from your blog now you have let them in, your comments and other things will disapear., The internet is a play area for them they do nothing worth while except gain info on people like us to use if they can.

Connection changed.

I found my internet connection was not working as it should, settings had changed leaving it wide open, wide open – but i was receiving no comments at all on my blog, and very few likes, Stats showed nil people had visited my blog and i knew this was not true specially as they came in on the side on my friends list. It was as though some thing or some one was only allowing me to receive enough and controlling what i would receive hoping i would not notice anything was wrong. Anyway i hope the problem is sorted sorry to any one who as not been able to get into my blog.

Having a heart attack alone.


Try to get to the nearest hospital or ring for an ambulance.  Cough repeatedly.  What some one forgot about when they said cough is that this person as chest pain and i know from experience that coughing can be difficult and painful even impossible but they say to cough repeatedly to get oxygon into the lungs this can help you to stay alive until you get to hospital so its worth a try.

What do i care.

Some one once wrote a poem about being old and wearing a red hat and purple dress and i am a bit like that now, not that i would wear a red hat with a purple dress but that i can laugh about things and shrug them of in a way that when i was younger i could not.

I don’t really care too much any more about what people say or think about me or what i do, i feel i can be me and for all those who think i am a useless old woman given the chance i can show them i can probably do better at some thing than they can.

I don’t want to go through those School days again, or those teen years, or those falling in love and out of love years that are so painful. And i would never want to get marriad again. But yes i would have children despite the way things can turn out, because it can be hard work, but i think the best time with them is when they are young and you can sit them upon your knee read them a story and cuddle them i would not have missed that for all the world.

I am glad that i have had the pleasure of knowing the modern world computors etc of which alone i learned about as i knew nobody my age interested in them, some people my age are just beggining to feel they are losing out and decided to learn how to use a computor i am glad i took it up years ago.

But there are things about the modern world i fear for the future about, i don’t like the idea of us going any furthur away from physical communication than we already have, i don’t want to live in a zombia type world among robotic people, coldness is not for me i am a warm hearted person, matter of fact coldness brings no joy.