Taking it easy.

I don’t know about anybody else but i have visited so many blogs now that try as i do i can not frequent them all how ever hard i try. There are so many excellent blogs on wordpress that i would very much like to keep up with them all.  Also i try to reply to any one who comments and visit the site of those who leave me a- like.

I joined blogging 101 for a second time, i joined first when i first came here in July last year but for some reason i did not receive a lot of the posts in my email but this time i did only i had already done those things asked of us, over again, so i was not that committed to the cause.  I have got my blog set up now to the way i like it pretty much.

At the moment i am resting up a little because i was writing three and four posts each day and involved in the awards which mean’t more work i am award free now and things are a little easier.


Humility and division.


Jesus the cause of division.


Luke 12.

Verses 49 to 54.


I came to set the earth on fire, and how i wish it was already kindled! I have a baptism to receive, and how distressed i am until it is over!  Do you suppose i came to bring peace to the world. No, not peace, but division.  From now on a family will be divided, three against two and two against three.  Fathers will be against there sons and sons against there fathers; mothers against there daughters,daughters against there mothers, and in laws against one another.


Jesus said all of this because he knew that some would follow him and others would not.  He knew that because of that they would not see eye to eye on things which would seperate them.





Luke 14


Verses 10 to 12.


When you are invitted some where  go sit in the lowest place so that your host will come to you and say, ‘Come up to a better place’ This will bring you honour in the presence of other guests. For every one who makes himself great will be humbled and every one who humbles himself will be made great.

Keep the children safe.

Evil tarnishes everything, the more beautiful and pure the more likely that the devil will find it, and try to destroy it.  0nly by faith we can stop the devil getting his way, never allowing any one to destroy our faith in god.

Good is used by evil people to cover there tracks, by good i mean putting themselves in a posision of careing for others or becoming a priest or some such thing, this is why we have to be careful not to turn away from god. Some people don’t believe in god because of what some one did wrong to them in the Church.

Also we have to remember that because there is evil known to lerk in certain places there is also good among those people.

Pedophiles lerk among inoccent little children because they are innocent and want to be loved and cared for,the evil minds of pedophiles use the word love in an evil manner turning it into a sexuel thing not careing about anything but there own gratification at the expense of others..

Some of these people are  powerful people in high places respected for there posision in life knowing they will not be suspected of anything, or if they are, nobody will believe it.

It is good that today children are heard unlike many years ago when nobody wanted to hear them, but now these sick minded people turn to small children of the  age that can only cry out in pain and can not speak.

0ne small very pretty baby  girl only 13 months old as died through such abuse very recently. I felt so angry upset and sad, i knew i might swing for any man i caught doing this to a child.

Too much trust is put in baby minder’s and nursery’s and most of the time these people are good people  but these are the kind of places pedophiles will often get jobs, where children are available.

When you leave your child to go to work each time how do you know what is happening to them, might they be ruined for life by this unseen evil.


The writer.

Writers write stories that is why they are called storys because they are not all true.  No one is going to write every detail of there life on a blog for people to read even if they give that impression, it is naive to think that every thing we might read on a blog is true, or even what we read in a newspaper or any where else for that matter.

What we do find on a blog is that from what people write about comes an insight to that person’s personality, probably a better insight than we might have meeting them on the street.  They give away some thing of themselves in the things they choose to write about, and there view on that. Little by little we get to know what to expect from them.

0f course there are people who deliberately mislead us on blogs and every where else but usually they give themselves away sooner or later.

blogging 101

What an evil bitch.

For years i have had anonymous phone calls since i got divorced many moons ago and went to live with my kids alone, my kids are now grown up and i remarriad but we still get them, maybe they are not coming from the same person but who ever it is does not want to speak to us. As soon as we pick the phone up its cut of. It is always the caller witheld there number.

I always thought one day i am going to find out who this coward is, coward because its only cowards do this kind of thing, if you have a problem with some one you face them with it, any decent person knows that is the thing to do.

I have a lot of trust in god and i had prayed before about this, but yesterday i prayed that some thing would come to light to reveil who this person might be, i had not done that before.

Hubby and i went out to dinner today, i had thought no more about the calls or the prayer i had made yesterday.  We enjoyed a lovely meal then as we were leaving a woman came in i knew from many years ago, when we, myself and previous hubby had a small holding.

I had bought a pony from this woman, the pony was bomb proof but he was nippy and kicked out a lot, probably been teased,  and my kids were very small so i sold him on. This woman had been to vist me a few times uninvited and took photos of the pony on my paddock after i had bought him from her and i was not best pleased.

Years later we met again and she attacked me over getting rid of it as though she still owned it and had put it about that she did, i found.  What is more i found this woman was visited by my x husband during my marriage to him and well after our divorce.

I had seen this woman near my door where i live now fairly recently which is miles from where she is from.

Suddenly like a flash of lightning i realized who the caller was, who else as time to waste making stupid waste of time calls, nobody else i know.  Who else is so vindictive as to do this for years, nobody i know, only her.

In the resturant she smirked at me i can’t say it was a smile certainly not a friendly one any way. It became fairly clear who the anonymous caller was or certainly it had some thing to do with her.

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It was bittterly cold this morning when i went out and on my way i popped into the chemist to get some cough mixture.  The place was empty no sign of life atall except for a girl behind the counter who did not even bother to look up when i entered, she was busy painting her nails the brightest red you ever saw, yuk!.

I cleared my throut errr “Do you have cough mixture,”: better not say the name, it would be advertizing. Without looking up she said, “no,” so i walked along and looked up along the shelf.

“There it is,i said.  She slammed down the bottle of nail polish on the counter after grabbing some steps and climbing where i told her, then she got back down and slammed the cough mixture on the counter demanding the money, i smilled and said thank you and she glared at me.  I wonder what charm School she went to, think i will go else where next time.

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When we delegate we share  a load of work making life so much easier, also we have more brain’s to pick at if there is a problem to solve.  But if some thing in the chain or in that group breaks away or does not work it only takes one mistake to send every thing tumbling down and one crash can soon lead to another.



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Some people are a lot like sheep they follow each other without much thought behind why they are doing some thing.  His or her mate did it, so i did, they might say.  We are influenced by some one else, this is where a problem starts when we do not follow like sheep and we decide to follow our own beliefs and we don’t agree with following the majority, or we may try to follow but it doesn’t work because we know better.

“They must be right, because there are so many follow that road”  some will say, but we know that is crap because we know they are followers, the sort who can not be bothered to think for themselves, my friend, his friend, her friend, a friend of a friend, said it was good, it must be.

Some one is called fabulous, incredable, amazing, on stage,. by those words alone we have been influenced. Then out there more BS because artists of every kind have promoters to tell us all how fantastic and amazing an artist is, thats followed by how many people follow that belief and who as a mind of there own.  A bit like a child who is built up to a great degree by parants who believe there kid is so amazing it can do anything and the kid begins to believe it wether its true or not.

Any one who as been on stage  will be introduced by some one they have never even met as the- amazing, incredable, soandso. that is influencing the audiance into instantly believing this as got to be good.

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How we see things.

We all perceive things so differently that it is impossible really to be exact about anything. For example when we speak of beauty although there is a sterio type, in other words some one as decided for us what beauty is, in the media.  We are given an example of this sterio type and we might decide our choice would mean longer fingers, shorter hair, rounder face, whatever we prefer.

Many fashions start out with us saying we would never wear that but when we have seen it around a while we change our minds, in other words we are capable of changing our minds so many times about some thing  that we don’t really know our own mind.  We buy some thing we are pretty sure we like and when we get it home we decide its not really all we thought it was.

When we buy we put into concideration many things, is it suitable for what we want it for, big enough, small enough, is the colour right and so on but in the end it is not always what we expected and we are disapointed

We like some one a lot and then that some one surprises us by doing some thing we don’t like so then we waver about them, we are not sure anymore what to make of them.  Some times some one is put on a pedestal by some one and that person is not what they thought  and they are let down where infact that person was just being themselves.

Many only see and hear what they want to, we are all capable of both love and hate,we are all capable of both evil and good, it is our choice.

Some have a narrow view of life very black and white, with the idea there way is the only way, they really believe they are right, but of course there are many who are right about some things in there own way but some allow others to be right some times too.

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