Before i die.



Before i die i would like to put all the wrongs in my life right but of course that can only be if the other party agree’s and meets me part way.

I am a forgiving person, i even forgive people who do not want the truth and have condemned me without cause. People who blame me for things that were not my fault when i feel they should be the source of comfort to me and not punishing me.

But i realize that i am not going to be able to change the nature of things so i find comfort in the fact that my conscionce is clear and that they have many long years to regret how they treated me.

And with treating people badly they can expect no joy in there life for long until they change there attitude towards others and treat them right.  Treat people like shit and expect it to come back to you.  Treat people right and that too will come back to you.


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